pelican puppets
pelican puppets

community arts

Community arts is where an art project or performance is imagined, dreamed, created and staged by members of a small or large group of people.
The project may be used to raise an issue, to identify a need, or to celebrate a milestone in the community through an artistic process. The role of the community artist is to pass the necessary skills and knowledge onto the participants to enable them to create their unique event, and to weave the various threads into a rich tapestry using many different mediums.

Sean Manners has had numerous roles with communities of all types; read more about his previous experience here.

For more information and pricing see the FAQs page.

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"Your work on the "Testimony" event was professional, thoughtful and resulted in one of the most memorable events I have ever been part of."

- Lawrance Ryan, Chairman, 60th Anniversary of the Cowra Breakout